Inter Faith Organisations

The Faith Communities Forum

The Waltham Forest Faith Communities Forum is your local interfaith network. Some other local, regional and national interfaith networks and committees include:

Interfaith Network for the UK

Through meetings, advice and information services IFN, helps make better known and understood the teachings, traditions and practices of the different faith communities and their interfaith work. Building good relations between people of different faiths in the UK and also working to develop greater understanding between those of religious and those of non-religious beliefs.

Faiths Forum for London.

The forum provides a platform for London faith communities, to share good practice collaborate with public authorities, corporations and the voluntary sector to improve outcomes for people living in London.

London Boroughs Faiths Network

London Boroughs Faiths Network is an active, informal network of people from local religious and intercultural groups in London promoting social inclusion, religious harmony and learning.

UK Women of Faith Network

The UK Women of Faith Network (UKWFN) brings together faith and interfaith based women’s organisations in the UK to work together for peace. The Network raises the profile of religious women as powerful agents of change and creates visibility of the leadership role of women of faith

UK Women of Faith Network

Women’s Interfaith Network (WIN)

WIN is a movement of women committed to building a more trusting and inclusive society where similarities are celebrated and differences are not considered hurdles to friendship.

SACRE – Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education

The Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education (SACRE) is responsible for determining the syllabus for religious education (RE) in council run or funded schools in Waltham Forest.