Inter Faith Organisations

The Faith Communities Forum

The Waltham Forest Faith Communities Forum is your local interfaith network.

Some other local, regional and national interfaith networks and committees include:

SACRE – Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education

SACRE are a group of teachers, faith leaders and councillors who advises the Children’s Service Authority on matters relating to collective worship in community schools and on religious education given in accordance with the locally agreed syllabus. The SACRE monitors the effectiveness and appropriateness of the agreed syllabus, which is formally reviewed every five years. SACRE groups from each local authorityare independant of each other but linked through the National Association of SACRE ‘s (NASACRE ).

Womens Inter Faith Network

The Women’s Interfaith Network for North East London and West Essex was founded on Thursday 17th June 2009. The ladies from a variety of different faith backgrounds meet together to discuss “flowers, food, fun and faith”. They have a passion for community work which is underpinned by their shared values which transend the religious differences.

London Boroughs Faiths Network

This is a group where local interfaith groups can meet together, share ideas and discuss relevant topics.

Faiths Forum For London

This is our regional interfaith network and focuses on social policy, community development and civic engagement and will be able to improve access to London governance for all of   London ‘s faith communities.

Inter Faith Network for the UK

This is our National interfaith network, they promote good relations between people of different faiths in this country.  The Network’s way of working is firmly based on the principle that dialogue and cooperation can only prosper if they are rooted in respectful relationships which do not blur or undermine the distinctiveness of different religious traditions.