The Muslim Community in Waltham Forest

Waltham Forest Faith Communities Forum appoints 4 Muslim Representatives. The Muslim Representatives are Saira Mir from Faizan e Islam, Yusuf Hansa from Noor ul Islam, Iqbal Mehtar from Majid e Umer, and Mrs Shamim Choudhry from the Sakina Trust Mosque. Nominations for one of these positions will be accepted in 2019.

Saira Mir
Faizan e Islam
357 Lea Bridge Rd
London, E17 9DZ

Tel: 020 8281 7359

Iqbal Mehtar
Masjid e Umer
79 Queens Road,
London, E17 8QR

Yusuf Hansa
Noor ul Islam
711-723 High Road Leyton, 
London E10 5AB 
Tel: 020 8558 0786

Mrs Shamim Chaudhry
Sakina Trust Mosque
7 – 8 Vestry Rd, Walthamstow
London E17 9NH
Tel: 020 8521 0066